Our Work
Support for Non-Profit Organization:
The foundation provides grants to established non-profit organizations to help donors
get the assistance they need to make lasting contributions to their communities and country.
We granted aids to Mil-Al, Rainbow Center & AWCA, Beautiful Foundation, and KACF in 2006.
In addition, we are looking for new non-profit organizations that may need our aid to make
contributions to their community.

Scholarship Program:
The foundation awards scholarships to promising students who don't have the financial means
to attend college. In 2005, we have already aided scholarship grant to Bergen Community College,
Hudson County Community College, Union County College, Kingsborough Community College,
and LaGuardia Community College. We are planning to aid the scholarship to the colleges
continuously in 2007.

Publishing Essay
In 2004, the foundation co-worked with Joongang Daily News awarded best essays through
contests for Korean immigrants' stories in the U.S. With the essays, we plan to publish books
to share their stories and success with Korean community.

Medical support
The foundation plans to provide medical support to Korean people who need the support most.
We are focusing on providing free medical test for people who need to improve health in community.
Joongang Daily News is doing campaign for this project with us, and we are looking for hospitals
that can cooperate with us.

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